Mali Mysteree Expeditions is a travel and tourism company based in the legendary city of Timbuktu. We put our knowledge and field experience at your service to assure your safety and your comfort. You will have countless discoveries duringyour personalized tour in Mali and West Africa.

Aly Dicko, executive director of Mali Mystere Expeditions, is a certified guide with many years of experience.

Immerse yourself fully in this magnificent country to make the very most of your journey.

We take care of everything for you, including hotel accommodations, encampments with or without cooks, rental cars, minibuses, pinasse (boat) trips, and administrative procedures during your stay. Mali Mystere Expeditions simplifies your trip in Mali and West Africa so that you can take full advantage of the experience.

Off the beaten track, in the heart of the true Africa, Mali Mystere Expeditions offers attractive packages at the best value.

We promise to support the communities we visit. We encourage travelers to contribute items that are inexpensive and easy to pack, such as pens for school children and recycled clothing. Mali Mystere Expeditions is working hard to ensure that our tours in mali have positive impacts in the local communities we visit.

Our group sizes typically range from 5 to 9 people, which we believe minimizes impact to the environment and allows our travelers to gain more insight through more individual attention from our guides. We get the ultimate satisfaction from teaching our guests about Malian culture and keeping our traditions and heritage alive through carefully planned and sustainable tours.

We employ 100% local guides, drivers and cooks. With visits to the local markets and eating in local restaurants, our tours in mali and west africa help stimulate the local economy. Our guides have special knowledge about the areas they will show you, and constantly seek to increase their knowledge. They have widespread local contacts, and a passion for teaching visitors about the culture and traditions in their local areas.

Travelers have a unique opportunity to interact with the Dogon country communities - meeting the villagers, seeing the ancient dwellings of the mythical Tellem people, and discovering the Dogon country traditions of weaving cotton to make bogolan (mud cloth) and deep blue indigo cloth, as well as carving wooden masks and fertility statues.

We promise to sustain the environment. In Mali, key destinations are spread far throughout the country. We plan tours carefully to minimize the resources we use while giving our guests maximum comfort. Mineral water is safest for our guests, and we always offer empty water bottles to the children and adults we meet along the way. They will continue a long cycle of re-use for the bottles.

Mali is currently working to reduce the many of plastic bags that are not properly disposed of throughout the land. Travelers are quickly made aware of this and encouraged to do their part to dispose of any waste in appropriate facilities.

Working in collaboration with a local network of highly experienced individuals,  Mali Mystere Expeditions and its affiliates hold all required qualifications. They are certified by the Mali Register of Commerce, they have national guide certification, national accreditation from the Malian Tourism Office and Hospitality (OMATHO), and full liability insurance.

Plan your dream trip in Mali an West Africa with us, we'll do the rest!

The Recommendation of Petit Futé  (French guidebook -
“A very good agency headed by an experienced guide, Aly Dicko. This Mali native is surrounded by a strong and competent team. In addition to classic tours (Timbuktu, Dogon country, Djenne...), the Agency offers pinasse excursions and rides through the desert by camel or 4x4. These tours are tailored to suit all budgets and all groups.”